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We Won A Victory In Knoxville, But We’re Not Finished

Last week, the Jameson Village traveled physically and virtually to Knoxville to speak at the Police Advisory & Review Committee….

Help! Police Advisory & Review Committee Investigation Ending

Dear Friends, This is it. The Knoxville Police Advisory & Review Committee is wrapping up its investigation of my complaint….

The Actions Were ‘Lawful And Proper’

Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch came to Charlotte to tell me in-person that Officer Matthew Janish’s actions were “lawful and…

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 46th Birthday. It’s been a crazy month. I’m thankful for all of the love and support that…

Betty Jo Shelby ‘He Caused The Situation To Occur’

The hugs didn’t stop last tonight as I made my way through the Village HeartBEAT Hearts of Champions Gala. I…

Will Knoxville Cop Get Off Because Of The Unmarked Taxi?

Yesterday, the Knoxville Police Department’s Internal Affairs investigator interviewed me about what happened. I fear my friend Wendi Thomas may…

My Apology To Philando Castile

Dear Philando, I owe you and apology. When a Minnesota police officer shot and killed you during a traffic stop…

How Buying A Used Car Almost Got Me Killed By An Off-Duty Cop

  REPUBLISHED FROM 5/10/17 Editor’s Note: This is not my normal party blog, but I wanted to share my story….

Deon Cole Brings Relationship ‘Blessings’ To Comedy Zone

Deon Cole isn’t getting married anytime soon, but he does like who likes him. Comedy Zone fans learned a lot…

Tyber Creek Pub Manager To Open New Uptown Bar

We all know the old adage “hard work pays off.” If you want an example of that adage playing out…

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