Last week, the Jameson Village traveled physically and virtually to Knoxville to speak at the Police Advisory & Review Committee. The committee overwhelmingly disagreed with the Knoxville Police Department’s ruling that Officer Matthew Janish’s were lawful and proper. The committee had some strong concerns for Chief David Rausch. Chief Rausch’s responses gave us a frightening look into the police psyche.

The committee recommended that Officer Janish receive more training, and members verbally asked that he receive some type of demerit in his personnel file. Here’s where I need your help. The committee members must submit their requests for remedies in writing. Please email committee members and ask them to submit their recommendations in writing to PARC executive director Clarence Vaughn.

Sample Letter:

Hello ——,
I am part of the Jameson Village. Although I could not attend the PARC meeting with Tonya Jameson, I have been following her case.

I am encouraged by PARC’s rejection of the Knoxville Police Department justification of Officer Janish’s actions. I appreciate the recommendation that KPD officers receive better training, but more needs to be done.

I am writing to ask that you also, formally request in writing to Executive Director Clarence Vaughn that Officer Janish receive some type of demerit in his file as recommended by committee members. Officer Janish’s actions endangered an innocent civilian. I appreciate that police officers put their lives on the line to protect us, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes we need protection from them.

PARC members:

Ann Barker

Rosa Mar

Robbie Arrington

Frank Shanklin

Jered Croom

Lakenya Middlebrook